Where people meet places, stories are born


Landsongs brings history to life with modern technology and accessibility.

Our sense of place drives our identity, by allowing us to understand the intrinsic link between people and the landscapes in which we live. All people belong to places. Landscapes and terrain are more than physical realms--they live inside us, touching our hearts and colouring our history.

At Landsongs, we know that connecting location, stories, and media adds enormous value, and helps the experience become more real. By utilizing web maps to achieve the sense of location, users can see more details of what is close at hand, and how the land moves around their songs and stories.

Landsongs Services

Know your history. Protect your landscape.

Landsongs was born out of a need to help indigenous communities retain their unique histories and stories in the face of industrial pressure. Stories are a single but absolutely critical dataset which are key elements to the discussion of resource development and sustained practices in your community’s territory.


Landsongs has developed environmental monitoring programs, GIS tools, data management forums, and supportive web-mapping technologies. We also provide training in all these areas, and are happy to talk with you to establish and understand your specific needs.


Communities which are small or isolated can benefit from Landsongs experience collecting and managing large amounts of important data.


Let Landsongs help your community preserve its Histories.

Create dynamic solutions for community data management projects.

Develop and deliver training programs for data-management technologies (classroom or tutorial based)

Landsongs has a wide range of GIS services - mapping and project management

can assist in grant writing and funding solutions for communities

Landsongs Application

Landsongs is a web application to help you manage your own community's stories. It has already helped many communities, maybe it can help yours too!

Each community is in control of its own cultural history, and remains that way. The Landsongs commitment is to present your stories with integrity and honesty; these are your stories, not ours.

Landsongs will never share your data with anyone. Each community decides what unique stories and histories to share; Landsongs will help you choose the forum that works best for you and your community.


Assist First Nations in Treaty and Strength of Claim cases

Assist in land use planning process with illustrations of occupancy and use of a landscape

An oral history tool that illustrates and preserves spatial information

Use in local community education programs; eg High School Social Studies, Language Studies and Geography classes

Used as an engagement conduit between elders and youth passing important cultural and community information to different demographics

  • Linking Media to Stories

  • Recording Paper Archives

Built for Your Community

Stories find their power in the telling. Stories aren't meant to be forgotten, or stay locked up in a server. Stories are meant to be told and retold, treasured for their information, history and power.

After they have been captured, then next most important thing about a story is that people hear them. Landsongs enables community members to access relevant and vibrant his-stories, allowing Elders' tales to endure beyond the elders’ passing.

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